A boiler stove within the home allows you to have a heating system that is capable of providing hot water and power the central heating. Some people imagine a central heating stove to be much bigger than it actually is due to its boiler, when in fact it is no bigger than the same equivalent stove without a boiler. This is because the boiler is built into the actual stove itself.
These systems burn logs, pellets or other fuels to heat either a single room in the house or multiple rooms and also the ability to heat the water for your home. A boiler stove can save you on average £650 a year compared to conventional central heating systems that are common in most residential properties. During these bad economic times that is a saving not to be sniffed at. We are constantly being told that our energy bills are going to increase but if you purchase a central heating stove from us today you can bypass these savings and enjoy a warm home and hot water at a fraction of the price.
We have a fantastic range of boiler stoves in stock, so browse our models of Broseley, Esse, Charnwood and many more boiler stoves today. You won’t be disappointed by our styles and prices.

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