Cooking stoves have become very popular in the last few years as more and more people are looking for a system that can heat their living rooms without having to turn on the central heating system as well as cook meals for the family. This enables them to heat the rooms that they want rather than the entire house and cook for their family at the same time without the reliance on oil, gas or electricity.
Energy bills are rocketing and we are told every couple of months that one of the energy suppliers are raising their prices again and we believe that this is why we have seen an increase in sales of our cooking and heating stoves at such an alarming rate. People are simply fed up with paying such extortionate energy prices and these stoves solve that problem. Plus they look amazing in family kitchen and become the centerpiece of the room.
These cooking and heating stoves are constructed using the latest technology and many people declare that food tastes better cooked in one compared to a conventional oven. Another benefit of the cooking and heating stoves is that they are very energy efficient when compared to other energy sources, such as solar panels and air and ground source heat pumps.
We stock the leading names such as Rayburn, Esse and Nordica and all are available at extremely competitive prices.

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