Double sided stoves can either be multifuel stoves or woodburning stoves and come in the form of insert stoves or freestanding. They are very popular because they produce heat in many different directions rather than just one. Our range of double sided stoves would become the focal point of your living area because they can be used to heat two rooms at the same time, or just one if you prefer. Some people choose to have the flue exposed internally and open up the fireplace as this really allows the heat to generate. There are no draughts with a double sided stove either because the flue is connected to the chimney and the doors of the stove always remain closed.

There are many advantages to having a double sided stove installed. Firstly they are aesthetically pleasing because they can be viewed from two different angles. It can heat two rooms at the same time without having the closed off feeling that walls give. The fuel can also be loaded from either room and can be controlled from both rooms also. Many homes have a chimney passing between two rooms and a double sided stove simply allows the chimney to be opened up and link the adjoining rooms. However double sided stoves can be installed where there is no chimney present.

We stock all major brands of double sided stoves and at amazing prices. Browse our collection of Stovax, Firebelly, Dovre and many more makes today.

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