Electric stoves have certainly moved on from what they were a few decades ago. Electric fires often conjured up a picture of an old fashioned heating system but the models available today could not be further from this image. Electric stoves ensure that no heat is wasted and are excellent for the environment and your utility bills.
People like the fact that the flames of an electric stove work independently from the heating so that they sit back and enjoy the relaxing flicker of the flame safe in the knowledge that it is only costing them around 1p an hour if the heating if turned off.
Electric stoves are very easy to install, literally in a matter of minutes and they are very stylish, meaning that your room can be transformed immediately. Simply plugged into the wall, your room can be heated immediately. Electric stoves are very flexible because they don’t require a flue, chimney or any pipe work so if you move rooms the electric stove can move with you.
Many people like electric stoves because they don’t pose any safety risks because they don’t burn fuel internally to generate heat so there is no threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. They also don’t require regular servicing so they save you time and money compared to other heating systems.
We stock a vast range of electric stoves such as Esse, Yeoman, Dovre, Broseley, Gazco and Burley. We supply both contemporary and traditional looking electric stoves, whichever you prefer and all at fantastic prices.

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