Inset stoves are fantastic and are an investment worth making because they are designed to simply slide into an existing fireplace. Inset stoves are built into the chimney breast allowing only the front face of the stove to be visible which is very aesthetically pleasing. Once you have one installed in your home you are instantly making your home more energy efficient.
If you currently have an open fire then you should know that around 80% of the heat that is being created is going straight up your chimney. Compare this to an inset stove which loses just 20% of its heat, therefore this makes your home warmer and much more efficient. Pollution is also greatly reduced with an inset stove as it produces a more eco-friendly burn due to its technological advances.
Another advantage of an inset stove over an open fire is the fact that it is easier to control because you can choose how fast you want your fuel to burn by varying the air supply. There are also no draughts with an inset stove like there is with an open fire, in fact your home is up to eight times warmer if you have an inset stove professionally installed by one of our team.
So what are you waiting for, browse our inset stoves today. We have a vast amount of stock and sell all leading brands such as Mcz and all available at great prices.

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